Dress up as Mr. Robot (Christian Slater)

Mr. Robot (TV Show)

Dress up as Mr. Robot (Christian Slater)

The anarchist mastermind of fSociety who recruits Elliot Alderson happens to be Elliot’s father… or is he really? I love his layered look

MrRobot costume Christian Slater

Mr. Robot Iron On Patch
I was so happy when I saw they made a badge replica of Mr. Robot’s Computer Repair with a Smile! Easily iron on to a casual jacket

Khaki Cap
Mr. Robot always wears a basic khaki cap

Aviator Sunglasses
These glasses make anyone look cool!

Casual Trucker Jacket
Now get yourself a nice casual jacket with pockets.

Red Plaid Jacket
You should already look pretty recognizable with the costume pieces above, but if you’re all for detail, then wear a red plaid shirt underneath the jacket

Thick Scarf
Drape a thick olive green scarf over your outfit

Resurrection Book by Leo Tolstoy
Now for a smart addition to your costume: Bring the Resurrection book by Leo Tolstoy. Christian Slater is holding the first US edition, which unfortunately is not being sold on Amazon. But the good news is I did see one with the exact same cover design! The color of the product photo is not as yellow but it is a great enough match.

Main Characters of Mr. Robot


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