Cosplayer Spotlight: ZumbaWolf

Cosplay is not just a work of art – it’s a work of love. You have to love the craft enough to spend countless of hours working on your costume to make it perfect. I’m fortunate to bump into someone who is passionate about this craft over at our Facebook page. Introducing… ZumbaWolf! She is currently perfecting her Astrid cosplay and managed to spare some time to answer some of my questions, where she dished about her faves and shared an inspiring word or two about how cosplay transcends all differences.

1.) What made you want to do cosplay?

Well, really, I got into it about a year or two ago. I loved how happy and well other people were with it and how awesome it looked. It started with me wanting to be like that and grew into a passion.

2.) Who is your favorite cosplayer?

That is hard to pinpoint. Of all I have seen, I definately like this one who does Spider-Man in my area. Morganton Spider-TheMan. He is awesome and just like Spider-Man all the way down to how he moves. I have not I also like this other cosplayer in my area, Ambarts Cosplay. She is awesome and shows anyone can cosplay, no matter size or race. ^^

3.) What is your dream costume / cosplay project?

My dream cosplay is Arcee from TransFormers: Prime. I very much enjoyed the character and she was similar to me in many ways. However, I believe s cosplay like that requires more crafting talent then I have, lol. I also would love to cosplay as a furry character or two of mine, but again, I am not quite as crafty and fursuits are way out of my talent area.

4.) What is your favorite movie?

To pick a single favorite movie is really, really hard. If I picked a few top picks though, it would be The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, How To Train Your Dragon 2, TransFormers: Age of Extinction, Avengers and Star Wars episode III.

5.) What is the most memorable cosplay event you’ve been to?

The most memorable cosplay event I have been to would probably be the Ashville Comic Expo (A.C.E.) on October 24, 2015. It was basically my first convention and I adored it. So many people loved my cosplay.

6.) How long has your Astrid Hofferson project been in the works?

I have been working on Astrid for about 5 or 6 months now. I am following your guide while doing some DIY on the arm things, skirt and boot covers. But your guide has been helpful in many areas. I also took an idea from a cosplayer I saw at A.C.E. 2015 (he was dressed as Hiccup), and will be carrying around a small Stormfly plush when I finish the cosplay and wear it anywhere. My cosplay will most likely be finished in time for Asheville Anime Regional Convention on July 30! ^^

7.) Any words to say to aspiring cosplayers?

Yeah. You just have to keep going! You never give up. There will be people who may bash you on your cosplay not being extremely perfect, or your hair may be the wrong color. Or your size and race doesn’t match the character. DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM! You can cosplay whoever you want, whenever you want, however you want. Your cosplays are your own. Embrace it! If you love it and love doing it, then who cares what others think? Just do what you love.

Here’s a sneak peek at her Astrid Hofferson look – so awesome!


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