Nagini – Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald

Nagini - Crimes of Grindelwald
The snake, Nagini, is a woman! Shocking revelation! The full details of her outfits haven’t been shown yet, but here’s what I can gather so far. This is, by no means, an exact replica, but I think the basic gist of the costume is here

Dress up as Nagini

Nagini Cosplay - Fantastic Beasts

A look at her body art:
Nagini Cosplay - Fantastic Beasts

White Foundation
Make your face very pale but not stark white. Keep your hair tied up in a high, messy bun

Black Lipstick
Then apply a midnight color shade to your lips

Snakeskin Bodysuit
In the trailer, Nagini wears a snakeskin outfit with long sleeves and a deep V, and some very ostentatious ruffles. We can improvise by wearing a three piece number. First, wear a snakeskin bodysuit, and unzip it so that it creates that deep V

Snakeskin Bodycon Dress
An alternative to the bodysuit is this bodycon dress. It doesn’t have deep V though, but it’s just as tight-fitting as Nagini’s

Black Ruffled Skirt
Next wear a skirt with lots of ruffles. There is no snake skin textured skirt out there, but I think the black skirt should work fine as it consists mostly of ruffles anyway

Waist Belt
Wear a black waist belt that isn’t too wide

Snakeskin Tights
Option 1 is to get a snake skin print similar to the bodysuit

Ornate Pantyhose
Option 2 is to go for a patterned pantyhose, as based on the photo she has very ornate body ink on her legs. I would go for the 4th pattern from the left. Since this is semi-transparent, consider wearing a tight pair of shorts if you chose the bodysuit, since the ruffled skirt has a revealing part. If you chose the bodycon dress, then you should be good to go.


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