Leisure Suit Larry Costume

With the latest video Leisure Suit Larry released just last November 7, 2018, I thought it would be a great idea to make a costume guide. The latest game can be downloaded on Steam or GOG (and yes, the Lefty’s bar still exists, but now with selfies, Tinder… I mean Timber, and all sorts of modern references!)

Dress up as Larry Laffer

Larry Laffer’s getup has not changed significantly over the years. The biggest distinction with new Larry and old Larry is the size of his pendant (and I really mean pendant; I’m not alluding to anything else here so get your mind out of the gutter hehe)

leisure suit larry costume

Wig with Receding Hairline
Larry has a receding hairline on some parts, just like this one

Light Blue Dress Shirt
First layer is a light blue button down. Underneath, he wears an inner tank top just like in some scenes, but you can skip that since it’s going to be hidden anyway

White Blazer
Wear a white blazer over your shirt and keep it unbuttoned. You can order a size larger for the humor effect

Gold circle pendant necklace
I was hoping to find a super big pendant, but this one should do the trick. It looks pretty gaudy and has the letter L on it. I think it would be a funny addition to his outfit

Belt with Gold Buckle
Get a formal belt with a gold buckle

White Pants
Finish the look with a pair of white dress pants. Any pair of black loafers should do

Heart Boxers
This is optional but would be a fun little bonus on your costume. Wear the boxers underneath your pants, then have the band slightly visible

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