Mark Costume Guide

Empire Records

Dress up as Mark (Ethan Embry)

Ethan Embry has always been synonymous to 90s teen movies for me. Here’s how to easily dress up as his character from Empire Records!

mark empire records closeup

mark ethan embry costume

Red V-neck Sporty Shirt
Mark’s outfit is as easy as it gets. Just wear a v-neck sporty shirt with white piping details. Ideally, buy it a size or two larger than usual as he wears it loose

Thick Chain Necklace
Wear a chain necklace and keep the length almost at choker-level

Black Wristband with Chain
Wear a black wristband with chain details

ID Lanyard
Wear a Lanyard with an ID

Chino Pants
Wear a basic pair of chino pants you probably already have in your office wardrobe

Dress up as the other characters from Empire Records:


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