Debra Costume (Robin Tunney)

Empire Records

Dress up as Debra

Debra’s outfit is my favorite among all the outfits featured in Empire Records. And who can forget her memorable haircut/head-shaving scene!

“I went to rock and roll heaven, and I wasn’t on the guest list.”

debra outfit guide

debra empire records makeup

Orange Bra
You can clearly see the orange straps of her bra

Dice Necklace
Was glad I saw this piece!

Beaded Necklace
She loves to layer on necklaces, and one is a necklace with beads

Circle Pendant Necklace
She wears a shorter-length necklace with a circular pendant. Any would do

Gray Crop Tank Top
Wear a gray crop tank top

Black Zip Jacket
Wear a jacket over your outfit and keep it unzipped

Clip on Nose Ring
You can avoid the actual nose piercing and just wear a clip-on nose ring

Onyx Stone Ring
Wear a couple of rings. This has a very cool distinct look

Wide Leg Jeans
Debra sports a pair of wide leg jeans which is quite on trend now!

Ankle Boots
The shoes aren’t as distinct on photos, any pair of black shoes should be fine, and this one is a good pair to consider

White bandage
Wrap around your right wrist

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