Claire Dearing Outfit

Jurassic World

Dress up as Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard)

Claire Dearing isn’t particularly en”dearing” during the start of the movie but you slowly warm up to her as she is plunged into her desperate mission to save her nephews. Her chemistry with Owen Grady helps, too! Speaking of the beefcake, convince your significant other to dress up as Owen for a very current couple costume idea!

Just like her personality, her costume is very clean-cut and rigid, consisting mainly of whites.

Claire costume Jurassic World - Dearing Bryce Howard

Redhead Wig
Claire has ginger hair with bangs. Managed to find a wig with a bright shade of orange

White Long Sleeved Button Down Shirt
What you should look for is a button down shirt with a nice soft flowy texture to it, not the stiff kind. Something made from rayon, chiffon, or polyester perhaps. This one has some additional details like the chest pocket, but it is minimalist enough to fit Claire’s outfit.

White Waist Belt
The white shirt is cinched by a white waist belt. Do not tuck the shirt inside your skirt

White Blazer
In the scene where she meets with Owen, she has a blazer draped over her.

White Midi Skirt
To keep with the all-white ensemble, wear a white midi skirt – one with an A-Line cut. This one has a soft flowy texture to it

Nude Heels
Now for the ridiculous part of her outfit – a pair of nude pumps. Why is it ridiculous? Because she didn’t take them off as she started running amock! I guess it’s a case of “suspension of disbelief”?

Lavender Camisole
During the latter part of the movie, Claire proves to Owen that she’s up for the arduous task of saving her nephews by opening up her blouse and tying it on the ends. Underneath her blouse, she wears a lavender camisole tucked into her shirt. If you’d like to mimic this funny scene, then go ahead and buy yourself this camisole

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