Dress up as Karl Lagerfeld

Dress up as Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld is one of the most distinct fashion personalities out there today. He is the head designer of Chanel and Fendi, apart from having his very own label. I’ve always found it ironic that as a fashion designer, he would always have almost the same look going on, but realized suddenly that his move was pure genius – he has turned himself into a brand as well! This trademark look also made it easy for Tokidoki to create a Karl Lagerfeld toy

Women and men alike can actually recreate his look and the wig / sunglasses below are unisex.

Karl Lagerfeld costume

Karl Lagerfeld outfit

A look at the Tokidoki Toy:

tokidoki karl lagerfeld toy

White Wig
First thing you need is white hair. His hair is just long enough to make a tiny ponytail. Use a simple hair tie to make a small ponytail.

Black Wayfarer Sunglasses
Next: black sunglasses. The darker the tint of the lens, the better

High Collar Shirt or Oxford Shirt
Next thing you need is a crisp white dress shirt, which should preferably have a high collar. If you notice, the designer’s collars are always very distinct. As an extra touch, consider starching the collar so it’s stiff.

Black Necktie
Now for the necktie. Everyone’s going for slim ties these days, but he goes against that trend and opts for a wide necktie (sometimes even wider than normal), which he then embellishes with different pins

You can also wear a black or white cravat. It has a wider base

Starfish Brooch
You can go for any brooch to pin onto your necktie. I chose this starfish design which he sported once

Fingerless Gloves
The other distinct aspect to Karl’s outfit is his gloves. He’s usually sporting one – whether it be a sleek fingerless glove like this one, or something more sparkly and flashy

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