Amanda Bynes Outfit

Amanda Bynes Outfit
Dress up and look like Amanda Bynes in the current days – cheek studs and all.

Dress up as Amanda Bynes

Outfit of Present Day Amanda Bynes Cheek Studs

In fairness to her, her street style is pretty cool, and this outfit really works!

Long Blonde Hair
Amanda’s do is (sometimes) a long blonde hair

Wayfarer Dark Black Sun Glasses w/ Tortoise Frame
She dons a pair of shades with a brown/black frame

Stick On Crystals – Fake Piercing
You must have the cheek piercings! These studs are the most distinct feature in the new Amanda

Obey Cap
In this outfit, she dons a red cap with the word “Obey” on it

Quilted Metallic Antoinette Bag – Gold
Her bag is a gold Louis Vuitton. We all know how expensive an LV bag is, so this one is a good and much cheaper alternative

Camo Military Cotton Drawstring Jacket
Amanda wears a camo jacket (the camo print is a popular trend these days)

Shiny Metallic Stretch Leggings
Shiny leggings complete her street style, and a pair of booties

Steve Madden Women’s Flight Bootie
This pair is pricey at $159 but it’s a beautiful Steve Madden piece

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Personally, I kinda miss the old Amanda. She was better… much better! (Hope you guys remember the reference to the Blockblister sketch on “All That”)


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