Crayon Shin-Chan Costume (Kids and Adults)


Crayon Shin-Chan
Dress up as Shin Chan from Crayon Shin-chan, your not-so-average, challenging, slightly inappropriate five year old boy! Make sure you bring along Shiro, his intelligent, fluffy canine friend. The costume is super easy!

Dress up as Shin-Chan (for Adults)

The Shin Chan outfit is EASY! Black wig, thick eyebrows, red top, yellow shorts, white socks, and for the final touch – bring a Shiro plush, his faithful dog!


Eyebrow Pencil – Black
Use a black eyebrow pencil for your thick eyebrows

Black Wig with Straight Bangs
The artist behind Shin-Chan gave him a very simple haircut – just a top of black hair with straight bangs. This wig is a great find – it has straight bangs too and the reviews are good

Basic Red Tee
How easy can this get? Just wear a simple red tee. You might even have one at home already!

Yellow Sport Short Pants
For the bottoms, a contrasting yellow pair of shorts! Any style would do actually but I opted for these mesh sport shorts because I think it has a youthful look to it – almost like a kid who just came from gym class. Finish off the outfit with a pair of yellow sneakers and white socks.

Shiro Dog Plush Toy
Bring along your canine buddy, Shiro!

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Dress up as Shin-Chan (for Kids)

Here is the kid’s version of the Shin Chan getup. Shin Chan is actually quite a cute character (minus his inappropriate behavior). So just make sure your kids don’t watch the actual anime haha ;) You may want to use an eyebrow pencil to place thick eyebrows on your kid, if you’re open to the idea. You can purchase some kid-friendly makeup to do the trick


Basic Red Top for Kids
Here’s a very basic, affordable red top for kids

Fake Eyebrow Prop
You can also plaster on a fake eyebrow prop. This is a unibrow so you will need to cut it in half. I personally prefer an eyebrow pencil so you can make a very clean black arch

Yellow Sport Shorts
I, again, opted for sport shorts to give it that youthful look

Shiro Plush Toy
Have your little one bring along Shin-Chan’s fluffy white canine buddy, Shiro!

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