Ciel Phantomhive – Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) Anime Costume

Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) Anime
Go back to the Victorian era and dress up as characters from the Black Butler anime – Ciel Phantomhive, Sebastian, or the antagonists, Alois Trancy and his demon butler, Claude Faustus

Dress up as Ciel Phantomhive

In the Black Butler movie, Ciel’s descendant, Kiyoharu Genpo, wears something similar too and she happens to be a female! She rocked the look just as well.

ciel - black butler costume - phantomhive anime

Additional details you can have: navy blue short hair, and blue eyes
Personality: a sort of regal arrogance

Single black eye patch
The eye patch covers the Faustian contract symbol Ciel made with the butler. His descendant in the movie also wears an eyepatch

Black String Tie
In certain occasions, he wears a black string tie to cap off his Victorian-inspired outfit

Striped Bow Tie
Other times, he wears a big bow tie / cravat. You can opt for a plain solid-colored one, or a striped tie.

Double breasted trench coat
He looks very fashionable wearing a long double-breasted coat, does he not? This trench coat has a very nice modern fit to it

Suit Vest
Underneath the coat, he wears a suit vest. He pairs this with a nice pair of fancy dress pants

Double breasted jacket
You may also wear a shorter double-breasted jacket and pair with cut-off pants to mimic the look on the right photo above

Walking Cane
This walking cane has a skull and a blue ribbon just like the one he held in the photo above!

Phantomhive Crest Ring
How cool is it that they actually made a replica of Ciel’s ring! This ring bears a lot of significance as it was the only ring that survived the fire that killed Ciel’s parents. Wear this on your right hand (in the photo above, he wears it on his middle finger)

Black and White Oxford Shoes
Saddle shoes are hard to come by for adults, so you can substitute instead with a pair of Oxford shoes. Ciel wears a pair with heels but I’m sure most guys would prefer the flat kind

Ruffled Cuffs and Jabot
You can substitute the bow tie with a ruffled Jabot, as it still keeps within the Victorian theme. Other photos of Ciel show he wears something similar. You can also wear the Jabot underneath a bow string tie for that extra touch

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