Kiyoharu Genpo – Black Butler Movie Costume

Black Butler Kuroshitsuji Live Action Movie

In the recent movie adaptation, Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) introduced a new character – a female descendant of Ciel Phantomhive who dresses up like him since only males can head their family. This is the perfect costume idea for girls who want to cosplay but don’t want to wear skimpy clothing!

Dress up as Kiyoharu / Shiori Genpo (Ayame Goriki)

I LOVE her outfit! It’s supposed to make her look like a guy but I think the overall style gives a great edgy look to women!

Dress up as her ancestor, Ciel Phantomhive, here!

kiyoharu shiori genpo costume black butler

Black Short Hair
She has short, black hair to make her look more like a guy. Personally, I think the actress (Ayame Goriki) rocked the whole look!

Black Single eye patch
The most distinct part of her outfit is the eye patch, which Ciel also wears, to hide the contract symbol with their demon butler

White bow tie
She wears a big bow tie that resembles a ribbon because of the ends at the bottom. This piece is perfect (click on the item to see the white version of this)

Black top hat
In several occasions in the movie, Shiori sports a black top hat to give her an even more gentlemanly appearance

Walking Cane
Every gentleman during the Victorian era sported one! I particularly like this cane because it has a skull and a blue ribbon just like the one in the anime!

Black Beaded Necklace
Some scenes of the movie show Shiori sporting layers upon layers of black beaded necklaces. You may buy this inexpensive set which already contains 72 necklaces to do the trick. Tie some at the bottom so that the necklaces vary in lengths.

Oval pendant Necklace
The focal point of the necklace is an oval pendant, and this piece from Kenneth Cole has a nice gothic edge that should work. Simply wear below the beaded necklaces so that only the pendant shows, along with the black beads above.

Black Suit Vest
She dresses up as a male in order to lead the Phantomhive family. To do so, she wears masculine suits, including a black vest

Black Knee-High Lace Boots
My favorite piece: black knee-high lace boots. I’m always a sucker for boots! This pair would work perfectly and adds just a subtle touch of femininity to your outfit


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