Deal or No Deal Briefcase Model Costume

Deal or No Deal
In a hurry? No time to buy an elaborate costume? Then dress up as a briefcase model from hit game show, Deal or No Deal! You know what would be really cool? If you can round up 25 more people to dress up as a Deal or No deal briefcase model and you all head to the cosplay event together

Dress up as Briefcase Model

Can it get any easier than this??

Deal or No Deal Girl Costume

Red Cocktail Dress
Get yourself a red cocktail dress you’d like to wear again. Or if you already have one in your closet, feel free to reuse. The models actually wear different colors in other episodes, but I always felt the red outfit stood out the most. It’s also the color they wear on the arcade game. The cut of this dress I found is a halter, similar to the photo

Aluminum Briefcase
A silver briefcase is all you’ll need!

6 inch decal number stickers (Black)
Buy some inexpensive black paper, cut up the number you want (any number from 1 to 25), then stick it onto the briefcase with ordinary masking tape. Or if you want, you can use these decal stickers for a more polished finish (or if you’re too lazy to cut up some paper haha)

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