Riiya Cosplay

Akazukin ChaCha

Dress up as Riiya

Before Jacob Black, there was Riiya, whose werewolf form is way more adorable:

riiya wolf akazukin chacha

Cosplay as Riiya from Akazukin ChaCha

Blue Long Wig
He has blue hair tied in a short ponytail. Use this longer wig to tie your ponytail, and trim as needed

Green Top
He sports a simple green top tucked into brown pants. Its sleeves are looser than the modern-day fit sleeves.

Khaki Knickers / Capris
Get yourself a pair of capri pants

Blue Canvas Slip On Shoes
I’d go for a pair of canvas slip on shoes (Toms would be great, too). Make sure you wear a pair of red socks, too and bunch the socks up at the top

Gold Cuff with Red Stone
To summon Magical Princess, Riiya has to wear a very girly gold bracelet with a red stone inlay. He doesn’t seem to mind though hehe. Feel free to borrow from your lady friends

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