Shiine Cosplay

Akazukin ChaCha

Dress up as Shiine

Dress up as the wizard of Akazukin ChaCha – Shiine! As an extra (hilarious) prop, bring a broom with you – a mode of transportation and an appropriate prop for someone who loves to clean the house

Akazukin ChaCha - Shiine Cosplay

A closer look at his ring:

shiine ring akazukin chacha

White Scarf
If you live in a place where winter exists, you probably already have a white scarf lying around. Tie it around your neck like Shiine does then tuck / tie in the middle. You may need to fold or wrap around multiple times to shorten your scarf.

Blue Medieval Robe
Our resident wizard wears – you guessed it – a robe! After scouring Amazon, I finally found the best match, which also has the waist cinched

Black Martial Arts Flat Shoe / Slippers
Shiine keeps it light and simple with a pair of black flats

Ring with Red Stone
Shiine’s ring is a gold band with a ruby, but for budget purposes, a ring with a red stone inlay should do the trick.

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