Misty Costume


Dress up as Misty

Misty’s outfit is super cute! And pretty trendy, too. As Ash’s first companion, I have a slight bias towards her.

Misty Outfit - Pokemon Trainer

Orange One-Sided Pigtail Wig
The first thing you might want to get is an orange wig. This one has already been tied into a one-sided pigtail, exactly like Misty’s. You can also use temporary orange dye on your hair. Personally, I would still recognize you as Misty even if you stuck with your original hair color

Yellow Sleeveless Crop Top
Misty wears a yellow sleeveless crop top, similar to this one. These crop tops are all the rage these days in the fashion world, so it’s a useful piece to have in your wardrobe

Red Suspenders
She then wears red suspenders. I think it’s really cute for women to wear suspenders!

Green Short Pants
For the bottom, wear a pair of green mini shorts. You can go for a denim one too if you already have one lying around your house. The effect should be the same

Pokemon Pokeball
Now for the fun part! Bring a Pokeball as a prop for added effect. This Pokeball comes with a tiny Pokemon figurine as a bonus

Togepi 20cm Soft Plush Stuffed Doll
Another prop idea: bring along a Togepi, who thought Misty was its mother

The Pokemon Trainers / Coordinators


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