May (Haruka) Outfit


Dress up as May

Among the three female Pokemon trainers, May has the most athletic look among them all. Basically, think of a cycling / running attire.

May Pokemon Costume

Red Bandana
Start off with a plain red bandana. Hers actually has a Pokeball print on it, but a plain one should do

Short Black Gloves
Get yourself a pair of lightweight gloves like this one

Red Zipup Collared Polo Shirt
This bears a good resemblance with May’s top. It has black details and features a collar and a zipper. It also carries that athletic look across. Underneath this polo shirt, wear a longer plain white top, to get that pop of white at the bottom. Or you can just use a white waistband (see below)

Fold Over Waist Band
Here’s a white waist band you can use to get that look across. This is used for yoga, which definitely ties in with May’s sporty outfit

Yellow Belt Bag
She wears a yellow belt bag to keep her Pokeballs (and look extra fashionable). Long live the fanny pack!

Black Cycling Shorts
She wears a pair of basic tight black cycling shorts. Finish off the look with a pair of red sneakers, and black socks.

Of course, you have to have a Pokeball handy! This one comes with a mini Pikachu and is actually a toy you can use to battle with other Pokeballs

The Pokemon Trainers / Coordinators


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