Dawn’s Outfit (Diamond & Pearl)


Dress up as Dawn

Dawn’s costume is a cute, feminine look. For extra accessories, wear a bangle on your right arm, and a thick white band on the left wrist. Gold clips on her hair are also a good addition.

Dawn outfit - pokemon diamond pearl

White Beanie Hat
Dawn wears a gray beanie hat with a logo similar to one of Ash’s blue Pokeball caps (like a half of a Pokeball). Unfortunately, a replica of Dawn’s actual hat is not available yet, so instead, substitute with a plain gray slouchy beanie hat like this one. The bonus is you have an extra piece to wear during the winter days. If you wish, you can go DIY and stick a cutout of the pink Pokeball symbol on this beanie

Red Scarf
Wear a red scarf wrapped around your neck (just like in the photo)

Black Vest
Wear a nice, dressy black vest. Underneath, wear a basic white camisole

Pink Skirt
Wear a nice skater skirt like this one. I especially love the hue of pink on this one

Black Knee-High Socks
Wear a pair of black knee-high socks. Note to self: This has just given me a great idea for when the rainy days comes – pair rain boots with knee-high socks!

Pink Rain Boots
She wears a pair of pink boots. You can either go for rain boots or winter boots. Either way, they would look great with the knee-high socks!

Yellow Duffel bag
She sports a yellow duffel bag like this one. The bright yellow one is on sale at 7 bucks at the time I posted this.

Of course, you have to have a Pokeball handy! This one comes with a mini Pikachu and is actually a toy you can use to battle with other Pokeballs

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