Ash Ketchum Costume


Dress up as Ash

Ash Ketchum (Satoshi) started his Pokemon training journey at the age of 10. The most distinct part of his outfit is his cap! His cap and outfits changed depending on the series. Feel free to choose which outfit you want to mimic. Hey, why not mix and match from several series?

Original Pokemon:
Pokemon - Ash - costume - original
Pokemon Advanced Generation:
Pokemon - Ash - outfit - advanced generation
Diamond & Pearl:
Pokemon - Ash - diamond pearl costume
Best Wishes:
Pokemon - Ash - costume - best wishes

Ash actually wears several caps and outfits throughout the seasons. The cap features different designs – from an L-shaped symbol to a half Pokeball (kinda looks like a Wi-fi logo hehe), to a blue round Pokeball logo. This one is the L-shaped symbol

Sleeveless Hoodie
He has sported several different tops as well – two hoodies, a jacket that somewhat resembles a varsity jacket and a short-sleeved hood-less sweater. One of the hoodies he wears is colored blue just like this one. Wear a basic dark gray / black shirt underneath. For the bottom, you can go for a simple straight-cut light-colored pair of denim jeans

Short-Sleeved Hoodie
Here’s another good alternative for the top

Black Fingerless Gloves
He always sports a pair of fingerless gloves, most of the time colored black

Of course, you have to have a Pokeball handy! This one comes with a mini Pikachu and is actually a toy you can use to battle with other Pokeballs

Pikachu Plush Toy
You can bring along your pokemon pal, Pikachu with you too! HINT: Girls will definitely go near you and squeal about how cute this Pikachu is

The Pokemon Trainers / Coordinators


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