Dexter’s Laboratory Costumes

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Dexter's Laboratory
Here are costume ideas for 90s cartoon, Dexter’s Laboratory! Dress up as Dexter, the smartest boy you’ve ever seen, or Dee Dee, the sister who blows his experiment to smithereens! Or wear arch-rival, Mandark’s outfit. There is no gloom and doom in this costume guide!

Dress up as Dexter


Dexter is a super genius who has a secret underground laboratory where he performs his super secret experiments. Not so secret actually – his sister always shows up to destroy his creations!

Ginger Orange Wig
Dexter is a redhead. His hair actually falls down his forehead and has curls, so you would have to fix this wig up a bit to mimic that.

Thick-framed Glasses
To keep with the nerd cliche, Dexter, of course, dons a pair of thick-framed glasses. This pair on Amazon actually looks very fashionable!

Lab Gown
Dexter’s most trusty part of his outfit is his lab gown, to keep him protected during all his science experiments.

Purple Gloves
Who says Dexter isn’t stylish? He dons a pair of purple gloves for some color.

Black Boots
I can only speculate on what kind of shoes Dexter wears. I surmise it’s a pair of black PVC boots – the practical choice at a laboratory.

Plastic Beaker
As an additional prop, consider bringing along a beaker (a plastic one is best, so you don’t have to worry about breaking anything). You can pour some colored liquid into it, like strawberry juice

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Dress up as Dee Dee


Remember to try to act as hyper as Dee Dee. And if you break a vase or two, while saying “oooh, pretty, what does this do?” I’m sure your guests won’t mind… so much.

Correction: Those are not shoes and pink striped socks but rather pink ballet dance slippers, whose ribbon you tie on your ankles. That explains why Dee Dee can prance about so well! You can still opt for casual shoes (like ballet flats) if you want something you can wear again. You can buy some satin ribbon to go along with the flats to mimic the ballet slipper’s effect.

Blonde Pigtails
Dee Dee is an extremely bubbly girl and her blonde pigtails are as high as her spirit and energy!

Pink Dress
Any pink dress should do actually so long as the skirt is flowy. There are so many options out there. I love the cutout detail on this one. It’s super girly. I can imagine myself wearing this again and again on hot summer days :)

Ballet Dancing Shoes
These canvas shoes have a nice strap detail that look similar to what Dee Dee wears.

Pink Ballet Flats
Ballet flats are a more practical alternative to the official ballet slippers. Pair this with white tights. For that pop of pink stripes, get yourself some pink satin ribbon to tie around your ankle over an existing pair of pink ballet flats or opt for the strappy one above.

White Tights
Finish the look by wearing a pair of white tights underneath your dress

Note: Not a fan of pink dresses? Feel free to substitute with a pink tank top + pink skirt combination.

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Dress up as Mandark


Every super genius must have an arch nemesis, and in this cartoon, his name is Mandark. Mandark’s Achilles heel? Dexter’s sister, Dee Dee. He is head over heels in love with her!

Wig with straight bangs
Mandark’s hair is unusually straight on the bangs part, and this wig mimics just that! Ironically, this wig is actually based on the Dumb and Dumber movie. A Dumb and Dumber wig for a smart boy :P

Thick-framed Glasses
Mandark sports a pair of glasses that looks almost exactly like his arch rival’s, Dexter. Perhaps they both shop at the same geek store.

White Button Down Shirt
Mandark is very preppy! This is paired with a necktie (see below)

Striped Necktie
If you have a tie with brown stripes lying around in your closet, feel free to use that

Blue short pants
The cherry on top of his preppy outfit? A pair of blue short pants!

Oxfords / Dress Shoes
It’s not very obvious what kind of brown shoes Mandark wears, but I’m guessing it’s a pair of Oxfords. It fits with the whole preppy attire

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