Carmen Sandiego Costume

Carmen Sandiego Costume
Dress up as one of the most popular (notorious) and fashionable villains of all time… Carmen Sandiego! Don her trademark outfit – red trench coat and big red hat.

Dress up as Carmen Sandiego

A few years ago, I spotted this super amazing red trench coat in Promod. I wanted it so badly that I thought of several different reasons to buy it – one reason was so that I could dress as Carmen Sandiego for my next costume party. I’ve always been a fan of the game / book. It was fun nabbing her evil accomplices and eventually her!

What’s great about dressing up as Carmen is that she has a very distinct AND fashionable attire. Most of the important pieces can be used on an ordinary stylish day. Below, I give you several choices for your shoes and coat. Be sure to pick the one you’d wear again!

Carmen Sandiego Costume

Red Trench Coat
I just love this trench coat!

Red Wide Brim Floppy Hat
Okay, there is a bit of a debate whether Carmen’s hat has a yellow ribbon detail or a black/dark brown ribbon detail. The old school version chose yellow; the new Facebook game has her sporting black. You decide which color theme you prefer!

Yellow Ribbon
If you’re going for that pop of yellow, then all you need is some inexpensive yellow ribbon

Black Leather Gloves
No villain is complete without a pair of black gloves to erase all the evidence. Carmen must be sporting a pair of leather ones – they’re sleeker and totally her style. This pair is on sale at $10, making it an affordable buy!

Black Heeled Boots
Again, another question is what shoes she wears. Some interpret her as having boots. It has a very edgy look to it.

Red Stiletto Pumps
Others portray Carmen as wearing red high-heeled shoes. Very sexy, indeed, and it just shows that her favorite color is red!

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Super cool idea: Turn this into a couple costume by asking your partner to dress up as Waldo from Where’s Waldo! They’ve got a LOT in common wouldn’t you say? The color red, the ability to hide… they’d be perfect for each other!

Further proof? Here!

Carmen Sandiego and Waldo a couple


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