Captain N: Game Master Costume

Captain N: The Game Master
How old school cool can you get? Armed with a NES belt, dress up as the game master and incorporate a couple of easy to find (and wear again) pieces. Women can also dress up as a female version, considering ladies’ varsity jackets and shirts are such a trend these days.

Dress up as Kevin Keene aka Captain N

Growing up, you must have wanted to be Kevin Keene aka Captain N. Not only do you get transported into Videoland you are also the kick-a$$ hero armed with a cool zapper gun (that still looks cool to this day, in my opinion!) that is destined to save them from baddies – talk about having all your video game fantasies come true! Here’s how to dress up as the game master using some basic pieces and a few retro game pieces too.

Kevin Keene Nintendo Master Costume

Red and White Varsity Jacket
The most important piece is the red/white varsity jacket with the letter “N”. Kevin is actually part of the swim team and that’s where his jacket came from. Get yourself a plain jacket like this one, and just iron on an N applique.

Iron On Letter “N” Applique
You can iron or hand sew the letter N onto your jacket. If you want it fuss-free, you can also just print out a huge black letter N on a piece of bond paper, cut it out with a white outline, then stick with double-sided tape

Yellow Mock Turtleneck
Kevin wears a basic yellow turtleneck like this one below the jacket.

NES Zapper Light Gun
The cartoon was intended to be called Captain Nintendo, so as expected you see a lot of Nintendo elements in the show, which made it such a cool show to watch. One of these Nintendo elements is his zapper light gun weapon, which can shoot ice shaped like… wait for it… Tetris blocks!!! I want a toy gun like that! But in the meantime, you can make do with just the look of the gun to complete your costume

NES Controller Belt Buckle
This belt buckle with a NES controller design mimics the actual old school controller. Plus it’s fun to wear on a normal day out, too!

Actual NES Controller
If you would rather go for the real deal, you can purchase one of these old school controllers (from a generic brand) at just 6 bucks and then you can DIY it to turn into a belt.

Captain Nintendo Cosplayer

Here’s a perfect cosplay of Captain Nintendo!

Cosplayer - Captain Nintendo


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