Gaia Outfit


Dress up as Gaia (Mother Earth)

If you would like to look very austere and beautiful at your next cosplay or Halloween event, then consider dressing up as Gaia. The bonus? You get to wear flats ;)

gaia Captain planet costume

Blue Hair Extension
Gaia has dark hair with streaks on it. I am not quite sure what color it is – my guess is either blue or gray. This is an extra additional detail you might want to consider – buy some colored hair extensions to give you an otherworldly look

Mother Earth has a very ethereal aura, and was most likely inspired by Greek goddesses.

Gold Forehead Band by Elle
I love the gold forehead band she wears – it adds a very organic touch to her outfit. And it’s a great boho fashion accessory that I would wear on ordinary days

One Shoulder Purple Gown
Anything made with flowy chiffon is a good idea. Like Gaia’s dress, this formal dress is a one-shoulder piece. You can probably stow this away and use at a future formal event or wedding party.

Lavender jersey dress
This is another option to consider. It looks very comfy and has a Grecian-inspired style. You can use this on any other hot summer day.

Chiffon Shawl
To add a more ethereal touch to her outfit, Gaia has a purple cape of sorts. One end of it is tied on her left arm like an improvised armlet. A great way to achieve this is to buy a shawl made from chiffon. The light fabric will give it a dramatic flow

Purple Sandals
Gaia keeps it simple with a pair of flat purple sandals! Hooray for flats! I love this pair I found – it has additional straps that make the shoes look more feminine

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