Candace Flynn’s Outfit

Phineas and Ferb

Dress up as Candace Flynn

She may perpetually fail at letting her parents know of Phineas and Ferb’s outrageous inventions, but she never fails to look put together in her trademark sleeveless top and skirt outfit! Best of all, her getup is super easy to pull off!

candace cosplay - phineas and ferb

Orange Wig
Candace has shoulder-length orange hair with waves at the bottom going outward like flyaway hair. You can use some hair styling product to create that. You may need to trim this wig a bit

Red Tank Top
Get yourself a basic red tank top. It’s that easy, people!

Red half turtleneck top
The other option is to wear a top with a faux turtleneck. The cut of this top resembles Candace’s very well

White Skater Skirt
Now for the skirt. You’ll notice her skirt flares out a bit, so veer away from the bodycon skirts. Instead, you can wear this full circle skater skirt.

White Tennis Skirt
Other alternative: this pleated tennis skirt, which complements the sporty tank top

Red Belt
For that extra touch of red, wear a red belt. This one’s a cute little number

Red Socks
I still see red! Wear a pair of red socks, preferably one with a shorter length (a little above the ankle)

White Ballet Flats
A pair of basic white flats completes the look. This pair’s ankle strap provides that extra touch which matches that white detail at the back of Candace’s feet

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Isabella costume - phineas ferb
Isabella Garcia

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