Perry the Platypus Costume

Phineas and Ferb

Dress up as Perry the Platypus

You’ll definitely be a hilarious hit when you decide to dress up as Perry the Platypus!

I highly recommend using green face and body paint to mimic Perry’s skin

Perry Platypus Cosplay - Phineas Ferb

Platypus hat
Want to dress up as the secret agent platypus? Then consider wearing this Perry hat.

Fedora Hat
Then, wear a fedora hat on top of that. A hat on top of a hat! (Hatception?)

Duck Nose
If you don’t like my hatception idea, then just wear a duck beak. Then use some blue-green face paint

Duck Feet Shoes
Then, wear duck feet slippers!

Beaver Tail
Lastly, attach a beaver tail on your back!

Dress up as the other Characters from Phineas & Ferb

Isabella costume - phineas ferb
Isabella Garcia

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