Garnet Costume Guide

Steven Universe Cartoon

Dress up as Garnet

Garnet is the intergalactic-looking leader of the Crystal Gems. Her costume is the trickiest one to pull off and would probably look best when custom-made, but here are some ways to improvise, none the less.

Extra details (if you’re not wearing sunglasses): Wear a bright ruby red contact lens on your right eye; a sapphire-blue on your left eye. Then add a tattoo for your center third eye in a red violet hue.

costume for garnet - steven universe

Futuristic Sunglasses
To add to the intergalactic look, Garnet wears a very sci-fi pair of sunglasses.

Afro Wig

Garnet’s hair is actually more unique in that it is almost a rounded square around the face, but an Afro wig should do the trick too

Wear a black bodysuit. Ideally, you have to add a pink star across the right side. You may try doing so by cutting up some pink sticker paper and outlining a half of a star.

Stick a gemstone on your palm, using spirit gum or other skin-friendly adhesive. Or you can use 3M double sided tape

Black Opaque Pantyhose
Then, wear black pantyhose

Thigh High Red Stockings
To get that mismatched leg look, wear a thigh-high red sock over your right leg

Shoulder Armor
Lastly,wear shoulder armor pads to get that robotic look going. garnet’s shoulder pads are actually color-mismatched, but these will do if you want to keep it simple.

Long Black Gloves
If you notice, Garnet wears long fingerless gloves with only one finger covered. This pair gives off an almost similar look

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