Amethyst Costume

Steven Universe Cartoon

Dress up as Amethyst

Amethyst’s style is almost rock star – black leggings, tunic, super long hair. Fits her since she does know how to play the drums!

cosplay - amethyst - steven universe

Long Wig
For the super long hair, I found this 40 inch wig in a beautiful shade of lavender – it surely lends a magical quality. Try to style it in such a way that your left eye is concealed.

Black Tank Top
Wear a basic black tank top as your first layer.

Gray Tunic
Over that, wear a gray tunic top or a looser gray tank top.

Star Leggings
For the pants, you can opt for a pair of leggings with star prints. But if you would like to be more accurate, then get a plain pair of black pants and sew on star patches.

Lavender Star Fabric Patch
The shade of lavender on this star iron on patch is spot on! Sew on both knees.

Flat White Boots
Go for a pair of flat white boots. These would be perfect with leggings.

Purple gem
Amethyst has a large purple gem on her chest. I’d go for this acrylic piece which is around 2 inches big. Should be easy to stick to yourself through some double sided tape

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