Roger Rabbit / Jessica Rabbit Couple Costume


Roger Rabbit is proof that the funny guy… er… bunny, gets the girl! Couples can dress up as the goofy Roger and sexy Jessica Rabbit.

jessica roger rabbit costume ideas

Roger Rabbit is a famous character from an 80s movie, entitled “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”? Like “Cool World”, the movie features a mix of real-life characters and animated characters. I watched the movie again just last year, and it was still very entertaining.

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Dress up as Roger Rabbit


Roger Rabbit is a goofy A-list toon known for his humor. His outfit reflects his personality so be prepared to wear a fun costume!

Fluffy Bunny Ears
A rabbit’s most recognizable feature is his ears! Wear this bunny ear headband and people will notice you immediately.

Bunny Nose
This is optional in my opinion. If you want to look the part more, you can wear a bunny nose, complete with the two front teeth. It’s sure to be a hilarious addition!

White Long Sleeve Top
If you want to mimic Roger Rabbit’s white fur, wear a white long sleeve top, preferably one that is tight-fitting.

Red Overalls
Roger Rabbit wears a pair of red overalls!

Big Buttons
You’ll notice that on Roger Rabbit’s outfit, he sports two big yellow buttons. If you want that extra detail, you can buy this set of big buttons and stitch the yellow button on your red overalls.

Bunny Tail
A fluffy pair of ears deserves a fluffy tail to go with it!

Blue / Yellow Polka Dot Bow Tie
Roger Rabbit’s bow tie is a blue one with yellow big polka dots. There is no exact replica online; however, I think this clown-inspired bow tie would be a perfect alternative as it is just as goofy as Roger.

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Dress up as Jessica Rabbit

jessica rabbit costume dress

If you’re dressing up as Jessica Rabbit, make sure you’re committed to showing some skin and flaunting your curves! Jessica Rabbit is a singer so you can bring a mic as an additional prop

Makeup Tip: Put on a cherry red lipstick, and for the eye shadow, choose a shade similar to the light purple gloves below.

Red Wavy Hair
Jessica Rabbit has beautiful red hair that accentuates her sultry appearance.

Long Light Purple Opera Gloves
Jessica wears a pair of long gloves. In some photos, the pair is colored blue; in others, light purple

Jessica Rabbit Costume Gown
For a costume gown, this piece has gotten quite a lot of positive feedback. Many say the fit is good.

Red Stiletto Heels
To complete the sexy look – a pair of high-heeled shoes in glossy red!

Glitter Microphone Prop
A glittery microphone is the perfect prop for someone as glitzy as the sultry singer, Jessica Rabbit!

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