The Birds – Hitchcock Movie Costume (Tippie Hedren)

The Birds - Hitchcock Movie

Dress up as Melanie Daniels (Tippie Hedren)

The movie and Melanie’s look have become such a classic that a Barbie doll was even made in her character’s likeness! Of course, the doll shouldn’t be smiling at the thought of crows eating her alive. To make your costume extra realistic, use some fake blood and makeup to add wounds over your body and face. You may also want to wear a blonde wig

birds hitchcock costume - tippie hedren

Gold Rope Chain Necklace
A socialite must always look elegant and sophisticated, and her necklace was a perfect accessory to highlight that

Black Crows
Place black crows on several areas of your outfit – shoulder, wrist, on a piece of hairband. The crows conveniently have wires for attaching

Light Green Jacket / Skirt Set
This is the quickest way to get the look! This set already includes the blazer and the pencil skirt, and they are both made from a textured fabric that resembles the one in the movie. Just wear a simple green top inside to keep with the all-green look that Melanie wore

Light Green Office Dress
If you’d like to go for just the dress, then this green number is a great piece! The color is similar enough, it conveys an office formal style just like the one in the movie, and it’s definitely something I’d see myself wearing to work

Brown Doctor Style Handbag
For the bag, she brings a nice structured doctor handbag like this one

Brown Pumps

Melanie wears a pair of brown pumps to match her bag

Fake Blood
A tube of fake blood will work for the fake wounds. Most reviews for this product were positive but it does stain the skin though. Several washes should fix that. Be careful not to stain your dress so that you can still use it for everyday wear


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