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Want a mother + daughter duo costume that’s quick, easy, and budget-friendly? Look no further! Dreamworks’ Home is for you!

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Home (Dreamworks)

Dress up as Gratuity Tip Tucci

The main (human) star of the show wears very simple outfits – a pair of slim jeans and then for the top – usually a hoodie or a tank top over a long-sleeved shirt. The guide below shows her most distinct green hoodie outfit, which is shown on the official posters.

Gratuity Tip Tucci costume from Home Poster

Curly Hair Wig
Gratuity’s hair is short and curly. I’d go for a slightly brown shade (you can select which shade you prefer on the link above)

Green Hoodie
This hoodie fits the bill perfectly! Like Gratuity’s piece, this hoodie is a pullover and it has that pocket detail at the bottom. The apple green shade is almost exactly alike too. Match this with a pair of your favorite comfy slim jeans and you’re good to go!

Maroon Sneakers
Wear a pair of maroon-colored sneakers to finish off the look

Oh Boov Plush
Now for the cutest part of your costume – bring your very own shape-shifting alien with you! This Oh Boov plush is a tiny 6 inch doll but should do the trick.

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Dress up as Lucy Tucci

Gratuity’s mom has a very simple getup as well – cardigan and jeans. How much easier can this mom-and-daughter costume idea get? You may want to get a wig for a straight wavy hair, but if you already have naturally straight hair, then you’re good to go.

Lucy Tucci costume - home animation

I’m sure you have a cardigan in your wardrobe already, so feel free to use that. I’d go for any blue or gray shade. This one is a nice cashmere piece that has gotten a lot of good reviews. Keep the first few and last few buttons unbuttoned.

Orange Tank Top
Wear a basic orange top underneath the cardigan. Wear with a pair of comfy jeans folded up a tad. Finish off with a pair of ballerina flats.

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Other Outfits of Gratuity Tip Tucci

Gratuity Tip Tucci costume 3 - Dreamworks

Gratuity Tip Tucci Home costume 2


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