Quicksilver Costume from Xmen: Days of Future Past

Xmen: Days of Future Past

Dress up as Peter Maximoff aka Quicksilver

Quicksilver (Peter Maximoff) is, by far, the most interesting and quirky character I have ever seen on the X-Men cast, in my opinion. He’s a very refreshing character amidst all the other angsty, serious mutants hehehe. His costume also reflects his interesting personality so you’re bound to have fun dressing up as him. Girls, feel free to dress up as a female version – that would be really cute!

Peter Maximoff aka Quicksilver Costume for X-men Days of Future Past Movie

Silver Gray Hair
Peter sports gray / silver hair. I wonder if his lightning speed makes him age faster hmmm

In several scenes, he sports a pair of goggles

Behind the Ear Clip Headphones
He always enjoys a good soundtrack whenever he runs about and does his business

Pink Floyd Shirt
Gotta love Quicksilver’s taste in music! He sports a Pink Floyd Shirt based on the band’s famous, Dark Side of the Moon album set.

Metallic Silver Jacket
To tie in with his name, he even sports a silver jacket. Was super stoked to see this! This has a very nice metallic finish to it. Peter wears a simple pair of jeans

Utility Belt
He has a utility belt which contains his walkman, duct tape, and a pouch.

Silver Walkman
Here’s a nice Walkman that ties in with his motif.

Tool Pouch
Here’s a tool pouch / holder you can attach to your utility belt.

Silver Sneakers
He wears sneakers that are colored (you guessed it) silver, with blue laces on them

Blue Shoelace
For that extra touch, replace the sneaker’s laces with these light blue ones.


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