Joe Dirt Costume

Dress up as Joe Dirt (David Spade)

Hold on to your mullets and mops – it’s time to dress up as Joe Dirt!

He came. He cleaned. He conquered! Joe Dirt ain’t no loser and his outfit is solid gold (and perfect costume inspiration)

Shoes: wear a pair of white rubber shoes, preferably ones that are a bit muddy and dirty

Joe Dirt Costume - David Spade

Mullet (and Mustache)
You gotta have a mullet! You’re not Joe Dirt without it! This piece already comes with a mustache, which is very convenient as Joe also sports one. You may want to trim the mustache on both ends. You’ll need a goatie too.

Sleeveless Plaid Shirt
Wear a red plaid shirt without any sleeves.

Acid Wash Jeans
The dude wears acid wash jeans (shudder)

Mop with Wooden Handle
Finally, the weapon of his choice – a mop! Not just any mop but an old-school one with a wooden handle!

Trivia: There was a Joe Dirt Part 2 (Beautiful Loser) which showed last 2015.


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