The Room / Disaster Artist Costume

The Room / Disaster Artist
The Room – the movie that was so bad it became so famous that James Franco has now adapted it into a biopic called Disaster Artist. If you have not heard of this movie, then do yourself a favor and check out the rooftop scene.

Table of Contents:

Dress up as Johnny (Tommy Wiseau / James Franco)

Johnny is the lead star of the film. I can never figure out if he was acting badly on purpose or not. To look like him, you just need a long black mane, some baggy pants, a cry of anguish, “I did naaahhhtt”, and of course, the most important prop:

water bottle
A bottle of water to slam in a fit of “anger”

James Franco Disaster Artist Outfit Costume

Long Black Hair
He sports long black hair which somehow reminds me of Loki’s hair. Except Tom Hiddleston acted really well haha. Keep it a bit messy on the ends

Black V-Neck Top
Wear a plain black V-neck Top

Black Suit / Coat
Wear a black blazer that’s a size bigger than you. The fit has to be a bit lousy

Khaki Cargo Pants
Wear a pair of cargo pants. Again, keep it loose – a size bigger. Keep it in place with a belt

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Dress up as Mark (Dave Franco / Greg Sestero)

“Oh, hi Mark.” Enough said. He has that jock look going on, and while we never see what shoes he wears, I would bet it’s a pair of sandals

Dave Franco Costume - Mark Disaster Artist The Room

Red Sleeveless Muscle T-Shirt
He sports a red muscle tee.

Fake beard
For his facial hair, you can use a makeup pencil to illustrate the beard. But you can also try this fake beard out which seems to look very fine.

Spirit Gum
You will probably need some spirit to attach onto the facial hair. According to a review on the fake beard above, it did not come with a spirit gum yet

Blonde Wig
You’d need a pretty boy wig and this one should do nicely. Don’t expect salon quality here, which is a plus actually because it will add extra humor to your whole costume

The movie shows a LOT of (unnecessary) football tossing so you gotta bring one!

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Here is the rooftop scene:

Here’s James Franco’s take on it:


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