Brothers Grimsby Costume Guide


The Brothers Grimsby

The Brothers Grimsby is another Sacha Baron Cohen classic compounded with the hilarous comedic timing of Rebel Wilson. This is a fun costume for brothers – you’ll just have to toss coins to see who gets to wear the better costume (which is better is arguable). It can also be a fun couple costume for Nobby and Dawn.

Dress up as Nobby (Sacha Baron Cohen)

This is a very fun costume to piece together. You have two options – the one where you show your, er, “whole package” and the one where you’re fully clothed

Costume Grimsby Sacha Baron Cohen     Grimsby Sacha Baron Cohen Outfit

The essential Nobby costume pack:

Wig with Bangs
The first piece is that really weird hairstyle. You can get a wig with bangs like this one, then cut up the bangs so they are a bit shorter. Make sure to make the cut uneven!

Bushy Eyebrows
You can shade your eyebrows thicker with an eyebrow pencil, or you can buy this set of eyebrows to make it extra quirky. Get the one in the middle

Mutton Chops / Sideburns
To make it extra goofy, sport some mutton chops

Fake Belly
A belly is absolutely necessary. If you already have one, congrats!

Chain Necklace
Whether you’re going for costume option 1 or option 2, you’ll need to sport a gold chain necklace

Toy Gun
Carry a toy gun with you

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Nobby Costume Option 1: The package

Click here to see the essential items for your costume – sideburns, wig, chain, belly

Costume Grimsby Sacha Baron Cohen

Dark Gray Turtleneck Sweater
For the first option, wear a dark gray turtleneck sweater, which you can actually use again on a normal occasion

Blue Briefs
Now wear blue briefs

Boxer Shorts
You can cheat a bit and wear boxer shorts so it’s a little less nippy down there hehe

Hotel Robe
My favorite part! Wear a white hotel robe, keep it unstrapped

Hotel Slippers
Finish off with a pair of open-toe hotel slippers. Wear black socks

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Dress up as Nobby Option 2

Click here to see the essential items for your costume – sideburns, wig, chain, belly

Grimsby Sacha Baron Cohen Outfit

White Polo Shirt
I couldn’t find the exact shirt Sacha wore but any sporty collared top with an England emblem should carry the look across well enough.

Loose Dark Blue Denim Shorts
Wear a pair of long denim shorts in a very loose fit

Adidas Sandals
He seems to be sporting the very distinct Adidas design sandals. Wear ankle white socks

White Bandage
Wear white bandage over your right hand like he did in the photo

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Dress up as Sebastian Graves (Mark Strong)

Sebastian is the younger, more well-dressed, and overachieving (best MI6 agent anyone?) brother of Nobby. He sports the usual British spy attire. You will need to go to the costume party with Nobby otherwise nobody will be able to tell who you are portraying.

Grimsby Costume Mark Strong

Bald Cap
Self explanatory ;)

Black Turtleneck Zip Sweater
His first outfit is a black zip cardigan, with what looks like a cable-knit texture

Black Leather Jacket
Optional: wear a leather jacket over your zip sweater

Dark Gray Cargo Pants
Wear a pair of dark gray cargo pants and you’re done.

Black Turtleneck Top
His other outfit similarly has a black turtleneck top

Blue Suit
This time, he finishes off with a dapper suit

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Dress up as Dawn Grobham (Rebel Wilson)

Dawn wears a couple of different outfits in the movie but my favorite has to be that pineapple tank top – Union Jack pants combination. It is such a fun outfit to pull off!

Grimsby Costume - Rebel Wilson

Blonde Wig
Sport a blonde wig

Pineapple Tank Top
This is where you can choose your favorite pineapple top. I love this because the pineapple also sports a pair of sunglasses like the one Dawn wore.

British Flag / Union Jack Leggings
Finish off with a pair of leggings in a fun Union Jack print

Cheetah Print Bra
Bonus item: You can wear this under your pineapple tank top for added detail

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