Mean Girls Costume Guide

Mean Girls
Dress up as Cady Heron and The Plastics – Regina, Karen, and Gretchen, from hit movie Mean Girls, a movie that was shown over 10 years ago (can you imagine?!) but has not lost any of its charm. This is a great costume idea for groups! For added hilarity, how about bringing along Glen Coco with you? You go, Glen Coco!

Mean Girls Characters

Remember the Mean Girls Dress Code:
1. Never wear the same thing twice a week
2. Wear colored shoes on Mondays
3. Wear a cute tee with a slogan on Tuesdays
4. Wear Pink on Wednesdays
5. No boots or strappy shoes with mini skirts
6. No all solids or clashing patterns
7. No black skirts on Mondays and Tuesdays
8. Jeans are only for Fridays
9. And probably the most crucial rule: No Hoop earrings… unless you’re Regina, because that’s her thing

And as a random final note:

glen coco mean girls

You go, Glen Coco!


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