White Men Can’t Jump Costume for Best Buds


NBA Russell Westbrook Nick Collison (White Men Can't Jump Costume)

This movie featuring Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes is the perfect costume for best buds, especially those who love to play basketball. Trivia: NBA players Russell Westbrook and Nick Collison dressed up as Billy and Sidney:

white men cant jump costume for duos

Dress up as Billy Hoyle (Woody Harrelson)

Billy Hoyle proved that white men CAN jump! He wears a very distinct outfit consisting of a tie dye cap and a Parental Advisory top (with holes if I might add)

costume - woody harrelson white men cant jump

Tie Dye Cap
You know a movie is a classic when someone actually sells a replica of Billy Hoyle cap.

Gray 3/4 sleeve Tee
Wear a basic gray 3/4 sleeve tee as your first layer

Parental Advisory Shirt
I was hoping for a white version of this but alas, only a black one is available. Wear this on top of the gray tee. Buy a size larger to accommodate the top underneath. For added detail, you can cut a few holes on it. In some photos, Billy wears a printed button shirt over this tee, but you can skip that

Gray Shorts
Wear a pair of gray short pants.

Nike Men’s Air Command Force
Based on research, Billy wears a pair of Nike Air Command Force shoes

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Dress up as Sidney Deane (Wesley Snipes)

white men cant jump costume wesley snipes

Retro Cycling Cap
The exact cycling cap of Sidney (Time Le Defi) wasn’t available on Amazon, but I did see this one that has the same color scheme and look

Yellow Racerback Tank Top
Wear a yellow racerback tank top

Black/White Cycling/Compression Shorts
Underneath, wear a pair of tight black/white shorts underneath

Black Jersey Shorts
You probably have a pair lying around in your closet so feel free to use that

High Cut Sneakers
The exact pair of Nike shoes he wears isn’t available so you can improvise with any high-cut sneakers

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