Old Carl Fredricksen Outfit


Up Animation Film (Pixar)

Dress up as Old / Adult Carl Fredricksen

It’s pretty easy dressing up as the senior balloon salesman. Be sure you wear his trademark eyeglasses and the grape soda pin. As a bonus, bring a balloon!

Up - Carl Fredricksen senior outfit

Black Framed Glasses
He still sports a pair of glasses with a black frame. I love this thick, cartoony frame!

Black Bow Tie
One of the most distinct parts of his costume is his black bow tie. He then wears an average brown suit and tie combination

Grape Soda Bottle Cap Pin
To show you just how much Carl loves Ellie, he still wears that grape soda bottle cap pin

Walkerballs – Tennis Balls
Those tennis balls underneath Carl’s walker are called Walkerballs and they’re actually really being sold! They’re used to protect the floor.

Walking Cane
The tennis balls should be fit into the feet of the cane. Be sure to double check if the size of the balls fits this cane!

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