Devo – Whip it! Costume

I don’t know if it’s plain coincidence but 3 days after watching the Whip It music video out of nostalgia, I saw a post where Devo was selling face shields based on their energy dome hat. So naturally, I had to make a costume guide for it! The face shield is selling at a crazy high price of 50 dollars so I think I’ll stick with the original energy dome hat below

Dress up as Devo Whip It Music Group

This music video has to be one of the strangest ones I’ve watched. But hey, it’s what made it so memorable till this day even after decades!

devo whip it costume

Energy Dome Hat
The costume can’t be complete without this energy dome hat!

Sleeveless Turtleneck
A guy version of this isn’t being sold, so for the dudes out there, just choose a larger size so it can fit you. Then adjust the turtleneck so that it covers your mouth

A whip for you to uhmmm whip it good?

Eyeglasses / Safety glasses
An optional, additional detail: sport a pair of eyeglasses with a rectangular frame. Based on the music video, it seems the one he is sporting is more like a pair of safety glasses

Tight Shorts
Finish off with a pair of tight short pants, mid-cut black socks, and black shoes

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