Dress up as Lebron James w/ His Black mask

It was a short-lived stint but a memorable one as well – Lebron James wore a black nose guard / mask in a game against New York, after breaking his nose prior to that. The nicknames sprung up quickly – Batman / Flopman? Zorro? The Phantom of the Basketball Court? Unfortunately, after just one game, the NBA ordered him to replace it with a more conventional transparent mask. But that’s okay, it’s going to stay in everybody’s memory… and it’s going to be a sure costume hit!

lebron james costume black mask

NBA Headband
Lebron James wears an NBA headband just like this one. It’s pretty inexpensive, too, and you can definitely use it again, if you’re the sporty type

Black Venetian Mask
The main attraction of your costume – the black mask. Lebron doesn’t wear a Venetian theater-worthy mask like this one. His is more of a medical kind of nose guard / mask. But this piece is still a good alternative because it covers pretty much the same areas of the face as Lebron’s mask does. And it’s affordable too.

Black Goatee
As if the mask wasn’t covering enough of his face, he also sports a black goatee, making him look like he wore a whole-face mask. To let this stick to your face longer, use a spirit gum like the product below

Spirit Gum & Remover Combo
This spirit gum has been well-received by most of the buyers and is the perfect thing to use to stick prosthetic items on your body. You can definitely keep this for a future costume project as well

Arm Sleeve
Lebron sports an arm sleeve on his right arm which he wears from the wrist upward.

Black Baller Bands
He sports a baller band on both wrists. This one is just 2 dollars a piece.

Lebron Road Jersey
If you want to be very accurate with your costume, you can also buy a Lebron James jersey. He wears his black jersey as he was away from the home court at the match. If you’re a fan of his, you probably own one already.

Henna Pen
Costume parties are a great time for you to pretend to get tats. Use this pen to mark temporary tattoos all over your body. Lebron has a TON of them, but you can just do some of them like the “HISTORY” tattoo on his leg or the “What we do in life, echoes in eternity” tattoo on his left bicep.


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