Beavis and Butthead Costume for Best Buds


Beavis and Butthead
Thinking of a funny, unique Halloween costume this year? How about Beavis and Butthead costumes! There’s nothing better than dressing up as 2 of the most celebrated idiots on TV. For added comic relief, come as Beavis’ alter-ego, Cornholio! The show continues to have a very cult following which means that your outfit will be easily distinguishable. PLUS, their costume is so SIMPLE and affordable!

Cue Butthead’s voice: “Uhhhhhh… Now, onto the costume guides! Uh huh huh huh…”

Table of Contents:

Dress up as Beavis

Costume Beavis for Men

Here’s how to easily dress up as the crazy Beavis!
1. Pompadour blonde wig
2. Very pointy nose
4. Gray shorts
5. White socks
6. Black sneakers

Personality: crazy and inappropriately so.


Just put your shirt over your head and start screaming “I am the Great Cornholio” and you’re good to go! Caffeine / sugar optional.

Blonde Mullet Wig
Okay, Beavis’ hair isn’t actually a mullet, but with some trimming, you can get the features you need out of this wig: blonde and the poofy top. Go ahead and just work with your own hair if you prefer – just use some hairspray or gel to poof up your hair

Fake Pointy Nose
Beavis has an unusually sharp nose like this one

Metallica Tee
The metalhead wears a blue shirt with METALLICA or DEATH ROCKS printed on it. This shirt is black but the logo is perfect!

Gray Shorts
These lounge shorts will do the trick!

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Dress up as Butthead

Butthead Costume for Halloween

Okay here’s an extremely simple lowdown on Butt-head’s look:
1. “Tall” mop of hair – it actually kinda looks like Edward Cullen’s hair (sorry to mention that, folks but that is the sad truth!)
2. Drooping nose
3. Squinted eyes – just squint throughout the costume party
4. A shirt either with AC/DC or SKULL printed on it
5. Red shorts
6. White socks
7. Black sneakers

Get his personality and voice right:
1. Achieve a nasal, deep voice
2. A bit of a lisp
3. Begin each sentence with “Uhhhhhh…” and end with that laugh: “Uh huh huh huh”

Pompadour Wig
Your first reaction to this was probably to gasp or go “WTF!” when you see that this wig is actually intended for someone who wishes to dress up as Edward Cullen from Twilight. Some people complain that the wig is more of a reddish auburn than a brown though. In any case, a wig is optional. You can always just work some gel and hairspray into your own do

Fake Nose
Butthead’s nose is strange-looking so you can go ahead and buy yourself one of these gnarly noses.

Beavis, fellow metalhead, wears a black tee with the AC/DC band logo printed across it

Red Shorts
Get a pair of cherry red shorts

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Mike Judge is the voice behind Beavis AND Butt-head? And he’s the writer, director, and theme song composer, too! Talk about talented, huh!

A look back at some Cornholio Moments


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