Aang Costume – Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Dress up as Aang from the highly-acclaimed Nickelodeon cartoon TV series, which was recently turned into a movie as well

Dress up as Aang

Costume for Aang Last Airbender

Bald Cap + Makeup Kit
The most important aspect of your Aang costume is the bald cap. This kit includes makeup, which will be perfect for painting Aang’s distinct arrow symbol. This includes everything you need, including the spirit gum to adhere the bald cap to your head. Another way to place the arrow symbol is to stick a felt arrow on top of the bald cap.

Shaolin Monk Robe
This Shaolin robe bears a close enough resemblance to the essence of Aang’s outfit

Orange Sabong
A more accurate alternative would be to purchase an orange sabong and assemble to look like the photo of Aang above. Wear brown pants underneath and tie your sabong with a red sash

Jo Wooden Staff
For his weapon, bring a wooden staff. This is 50 inches tall

Arm Warmer, Yellow
He seems to be wearing a yellow gauntlet of sorts, based on the photo above (the one on the left and bottom). You can substitute for a pair of arm warmers

Yellow Pants
His other outfit involves a pair of Martial arts pants bundled up.

Orange Poncho
For his cape, you will need to improvise a bit. Here’s an idea – get a lightweight PVC poncho like this one then cut up the sleeves and trim up the lower portion to make it look more like Aang’s cape

Momo Plush Toy
As a bonus prop: you can bring the winged lemur, Momo, Aang’s trusted companion

I’m not very sure about this one, but it seems he wears a pair of boots. On the upper left version of his outfit, his yellow pants are tucked inside

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