Saul Silver Costume (James Franco)

Pineapple Express

Dress up as Saul Silver (James Franco)

Saul Silver is the slacker dealer (who’s actually doing all of this to help her grandma) who has a cool, laid-back hippie style

shirt and outfit of saul silver pineapple express james franco

Gray Headband / Sweatband + Wrist Band Set
Saul wears the wristband on her right wrist

Saul’s Graphic Tee
I’m super stoked that his distinct graphic tee featuring a shark eating a kitten is available online! I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of wearing this on other days

Striped Hippie Pants
What could be a more appropo piece of clothing for a dealer than a pair of hippie pants? The exact print on James Franco isn’t available but this print bears a pretty close resemblance

Tribal Pants
This is a more subdued tribal pattern if you want to keep it more low-key

Basic White Long Sleeve Tee
Wear a plain white long sleeve tee underneath the graphic tee to achieve Saul’s layered look

Brown Sanuk Slip-Ons
He wears a pair of brown sanuk slip-ons that make him look hip and chill

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