Wendy Corduroy Costume

Gravity Falls (Cartoon)

Dress up as Wendy Corduroy

I love Wendy’s outfit! It’s lumberjack chic.
Makeup: eyeliner for her freckles

Costume for Wendy - Gravity Falls

Lumberjack Hat
Wendy really loves the lumberjack look! She must have been influenced by her dad, Manly Dan, who happens to be a lumberjack

Orange Wig
Wendy has long wavy hair in a gorgeous copper color

Green Plaid Shirt
I loooveee plaid shirts. Don’t tuck into your pants. Wear a pair of dark blue skinny jeans.

White Tank Top
A white tank top peeks from underneath her plaid shirt

Low-cut Rain Boots
A fun pair of rain boots for the fun-loving part-time employee of Mystery Shack! For additional detail, play around the mud with the boots and let the muddy stains dry in time for your costume party

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