Dipper Pines Costume

Gravity Falls (Cartoon)

Dress up as Dipper Pines

It’s easy to dress up as this smart, curious kid!
Siblings would look great dressed up as the twins, Mabel and Dipper
Additional prop ideas: a flashlight, or a thick book labeled with a number to mimic the Journals

Gravity Falls Dipper Pines Costume

Pine Tree Cap
Appropriate to his last name, he sports a bluecap with a pine tree printed on it

Dark Blue Vest
Perfect for the great, mysterious outdoors, Dipper sports a sleeveless fleece jacket in a dark blue shade. Keep the vest unzipped

Round neck Tee
A basic round neck tee is all you need underneath the vest. The shade is somewhere between orange and red

Gray Walking Shorts
A pair of gray walking shorts (without any cargo pocket details) would be best. I think the shade of this one fits Dipper’s very well

White Socks
Any pair of white socks should do, but if you can, find one with a nice red stripe detail on top. Finish off with a pair of sneakers

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