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Dress up as Fred Herman Jones

Fred Jones is the self-professed leader of the gang who I will always remember as the dude with a neckerchief. His outfit is pretty easy. Just a few layers for the top then finish off with a pair of blue jeans.
Couples: dress up as Daphne and Fred – the perfect couple!

Scooby-Doo - Fred Jones costume

Blonde Wig
Fred has blonde hair. If you don’t have blonde hair, then you can wear a wig.

Blue Collared Shirt
He wears 2 layers. First: a blue collared shirt

White V-Neck sweater
Second layer: A white long-sleeved pullover for a preppy finish. I’d go for a V-neck cut, so that the collar of the 1st layer is visible.

Red Men’s Neckerchief
This version I believe is usually worn by chefs. This seems to be a thicker material and less flexible, but based on the photo, it seems to be a great fit and would look good on men and women alike

Brown Casual Loafers
For the footwear, I’d go for plain, casual brown loafers

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