Say Anything – Lloyd Dobler / Diane Couple Costume


Say Anything
Anybody from the 80s will remember John Cusack as Lloyd Dobler, and the infamous boom box scene – so infamous that it was mentioned and recreated in the recent movie, Easy A. Your female companion can dress up as Diane Court and you two would look absolutely adorable!

Dress up as Lloyd Dobler (John Cusack)

Lloyd Dobler is the man! And… the 80s ruled!

Lloyd Dobler Cusack Costume from Say Anything

Here’s a closer look at his The Clash shirt:


The Clash Band Tee
How to dress up as the man? It’s pretty easy actually – wear a simple band tee of “The Clash” then pair it with a loose trench coat (see below)

Long Brown Coat
I like the cut of this coat, it’s loose just like the one Lloyd wore

Track Pants
For the bottoms, he wears a simple pair of sweatpants (get the ones with an elastic bottom), with the ends tucked into the flap of his old-school rubber shoes

Boombox iPod/iPhone Speaker Deck
Now for the best part – the boombox! You can opt for this speaker deck which looks like a boombox, so you can actually use it after the costume party. Plus points if you load and play “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel

This is another rad old-school-looking boombox. Ahh the good old days. Like the boombox above, it’s been given a lot of modern modifications like USB support and MP3 playing support

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Dress up as Diane Court (Ione Skye)

The valedictorian’s most memorable outfit was the one she wore at the graduation party – an all-white ensemble with a lovely large flower on her hair.

Say Anything Costume - Diane Court

Large Flower Hair Clip
Before Effie Trinket, Diane Court was already sporting large flower hair clips. She wore a nice delicate piece to match her all-white outfit

White Dress
This is a very nice interpretation of the one she wears. It has the sweetheart cut going on, and is tight-fitting too

White Shawl
Any white shawl should do but I found this lovely sheer shawl with a metallic finish

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