Adults: Dress up as Boo from Monsters Inc

Adults: Dress up as Boo from Monsters Inc
Boo, for me, is one of the EASIEST costumes you can pull off. Everyone’s going to find it cute, even though you only spent a few bucks and a few minutes of your time piecing it all together.

Dress up as Boo

Boo Adult Costume Idea For additional effect, you can put some blush on your cheeks. You can even bring along a Nemo stuffed toy to reenact the last scene when Sully visits her in her room!

Small Hair Bobble Hair Ties
Pink hair bobbles keep her hair in a cute pigtail. This set contains some other colors too at a very affordable price! PS. Don’t ask me why she was still wearing pigtails when she was getting ready to go to bed.

Ladies’ T-Shirt Dress
This T-shirt dress is the perfect adult translation of Boo’s getup in the movie

Footless Lavender Legging
Boo wears lavender leggings underneath the shirt. Cute pastel color combination!

Ballet Flats
Boo actually just wears a pair of socks in the movie, since she was getting ready to bed. But it’s going to be a bit inconvenient walking around with just your socks on, so this pair of ballet flats should do the trick. They’re thin enough to mimic Boo’s socks.


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