Pacific Rim – Mako Mori Costume

Dress up as the kick-ass blue-haired stick fighting expert, Mako Mori, from the latest blockbuster movie, Pacific Rim!

Dress up as Mako Mori

As a bonus, looking like Mako Mori means I get an excuse to have blue hair, even just for a day :)

Dress up as Mako Mori

Black Short Bob Wig
The first important element of looking like Mako is having the same hairstyle as hers. Get yourself a black bob like this one, then highlight the ends of some of the tips blue. Check out the picture above to see which part to dye

Temporary Blue Hair Color Spray
You can either apply this directly on your hair or on the wig. For the wig, you can also use a permanent dye

Black Tank Top
A plain black tank top is all you need

Ball Chain for Dog Tag Necklace
I don’t recall ever seeing what was at the end of Mako’s necklace but seeing as she’s in military-style garb, a military dog tag might be a good guess. In any case, the chain is the only visible thing and the tag will only serve to weight it down.

Dark Denim Button Down
Over the tank top, Mako wears a work-appropriate button down shirt that seems to be a very dark denim

Military Belt
A garrison belt with grommets gives the look a military edge.

6 Foot Bo Staff
During the duel with Raleigh Becket, they use staffs and Mako shows us just what she is capable of! Thanks to Robotic’s comment for pointing out that an escrima stick would be way too short to do the job. This longer 6 foot staff should be a cooler, and more accurate piece, and based on the reviews, many find it to be lightweight – a practical choice when you’ll be carrying it around the costume event.


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thoughts on “Pacific Rim – Mako Mori Costume

  1. 1) If you’re dying a wig why wouldn’t you use permanent dye? it’s not like you’re going to take it out, and temporary usually looks awful. To achieve the brightness of Mako’s hair you’d probably need to bleach it first, too.

    2) You would definitely need something to weigh that chain down.

    3) the belt clearly has a buckle fastened on. It’s pretty hard to find an actual PRDC one, but a similar one could be found online and substituted for about $10.

    4) Are you kidding me? That staff is a red wooden Bo or Jo staff and it’s at LEAST 4′ in length, you can’t substitute an escrima stick. If you’re going for a cheap alternative a dowel cut to size and spray-painted red would probably be an acceptable substitute.

    • Hi Robotic,

      Thanks for all the info! I’ve edited the guide based on all the points you’ve given. I read the reviews on the temporary dye and a lot of people were praising it for the bright blue hue it gave out. It doesn’t seem like anyone bleached first. Of course, if you’re really going for complete accuracy, I agree that bleaching would be best.

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