Drive (Ryan Gosling) Costume

Drive (Ryan Gosling)
The Hollywood stuntman, mechanic and getaway driver played by Ryan Gosling hit the screen last 2011 and became a hit… including his distinct scorpion jacket!

Dress up as Driver

Ryan Gosling plays the driver, a stuntman / mechanic / driver who gets into deep trouble when he makes the mistake of helping out his neighbor’s husband with a heist. Dress up as this mysterious man using just a few elements.

Ryan Gosling Costume Outfit in Drive Movie

Scorpion Satin Jacket
Here it is – THE golden scorpion jacket which made quite a frenzy among many. Wear a simple pair of slim fit jeans and you’re good to go!

Leather Driving Gloves
Any cool stunt driver needs a pair of cool driving gloves!

Wooden Hammer
His weapon of choice? A simple hammer. Who knew a hammer could be so brutal?

Brown Leather Strap Watch
He wears a brown strap watch on his left wrist. This is an optional detail, of course. Even without this, the scorpion and hammer should already give your identity away

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