Clue (Movie / Board Game) Costumes


Clue (Movie / Board Game)
Everybody loves a good mystery, especially during Halloween! Dress up as a character from one of the most popular mystery board games and movies – Clue!

Dress up as Mrs. White

Costume for Mrs White Clue Movie

Mrs. White’s character has undergone quite a lot of changes. She is portrayed as a disgruntled servant in several versions, sometimes as a youthful one, sometimes as a graying one (which would make sense as it ties up with the color white). In the very recent version, she was given a makeover and was turned into Diane White, an aspiring child actress!

I like her character in the movie the most though. There, she is a black widow, whose past husbands have mysteriously disappeared / passed away. My favorite line in the movie came from her “Flames, on the side of my face, breathing-breathl- heaving breaths…” which was actually an impromptu line ;)

Bob Wig with Bangs
Mrs. White wears a bob with bangs that looks like the one pictured in this item! This wig received the best reviews from all the other bob wigs I found online.

Black Pillbox Hat with Black Netted Veil and Feather
In the movie, Mrs. White wears a pill box hat with a black veil covering her face as she portrays a widow

Rhode Island Novelty Pearl Necklaces
She also wears a pearl necklace in the movie. If you have one at home, feel free to use that one. Since real pearls are mucho expensive, I found these novelty ones that would work well for costume purposes

Isotoner Womens Lined Gloves (Black)
To tie in with the rest of her black ensemble, the movie version of Mrs. White wears a pair of chic black gloves

Black Arm Warmers
Inside the mansion, Mrs. white takes off her gloves and is wearing an all black ensemble consisting of a black tube dress and black arm warmers which she wears from her shoulder to her elbow.

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Dress up as Miss Scarlet


Miss Scarlet is the (fatally) attractive woman, who’s cunning and dangerous. Red is the perfect color to represent her!

Red Off Shoulder Long Sleeve Fitted Dress
The character was based on the color red so naturally, a red dress would be a great choice. Red also does a great job of symbolizing a sultry femme fatale. Match this with a pair of stilettos (preferably red as well) and you’re good to go! The movie versionof Miss Scarlet, on the other hand, wears an off-shoulder piece as well, but in a deep shade of green.

Extra Long Satin Gloves
In the movie, the lady wears satin gloves until below her elbow.

You can bring a candlestick as your prop… Then after your costume gig, give it as a housewarming gift to somebody ;)

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Dress up as Colonel Mustard



Colonel Mustard sports a ‘stache in the movie AND in most board game variations too! The mustache just fits very well with his character.

Set of Military Medals

Add medals to your ensemble to establish the “colonel” status

MIT 2310 8-Inch Adjustable Wrench
His weapon in the movie is a wrench. You probably already own one at home!

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Dress up as Reverend / Mr. Green


Mr. Green is a bumbling coward in the movie who is trying to hide his homosexual orientation, while in the board game, he is portrayed either as a sinful reverend, or as a businessman.

Short Hair Nerdy Wig
Mr. Green is a bit of a clumsy nerd in the movie. His hair is brown so choose the brown version of this one

Eye Glasses
To complete the cliche nerd look, he wears a pair of glasses

Emerald Green Striped Vest and Neck Tie
It’s always a great idea to wear an outfit in the same color as your character. In this case, a classy emerald color is a good choice

Pre-Cut Pipe
Mr. Green’s weapon in the movie is a pipe

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Dress up as Mrs. Peacock


Mrs. Peacock is a socialite both in the board game and in the movie. I especially love the glasses she sports in the film!

Fifties Cat Eye Rhinestone Glasses
The most distinct part of Mrs. Peacock’s outfit in the movie was her glasses. They had a very nice pointed shape like this pair

Peacock Feather Flower Brooch / Hair Clip
A peacock accessory for Mrs. Peacock. Sounds befitting, no?

Fake Fur Wrap
Finish off your dress with a fake fur wrap / shawl

Rubber Knife
Don’t mess with the woman – she got the knife as a weapon in the movie!

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Dress up as Professor Plum


Reading Glasses
In both the movie and board game, the professor sports a pair of eyeglasses to make him look more scholarly.

Purple Bowtie
Christopher Lloyd wears a bow tie in the movie. Wear it in the shade of purple to tie in with his name!

Plum got the luckiest pick of all the weapons – a gun! It’s the only long-range weapon of the bunch too

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